Kenzie Naturals is a company built on faith, family and the love of all things HOME. Our mission is to handmake and deliver fresh, all-natural products that improve your skin, while enticing your senses of smell and touch! This luxe line of skincare products was created by Martavia Wynn, a work-from-home wife and mother who is honored to be married to one of God's most handsome creations and raising the most precious angels imaginable! 

"I left the prestigious University of Georgia with a "Mrs. Mommy" degree in Child and Family Development, so I certainly know a thing or two about working in my kitchen! Motherhood transformed my mind, body and soul, and I wanted more out of this life I have been so graciously blessed with! I began to maintain a more natural lifestyle because I wanted my family to be in the healthiest environment possible, and I'm a firm believer that your health starts in your home. One day, I began experimenting with different things laying around in my kitchen and came up with some AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS combinations.  I chose the name Kenzie Naturals because of my daughter, Jasiah Makenzie, whose sensitive skin has truly benefitted from my God-sent products. I hope you enjoy this sensation as much as we do!"